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Nettle Revolution

Kernewek Nettle Scarf

Kernewek Nettle Scarf

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Kernewek is a Cornish word that means Cornish.

Cornwall is an iconic place full of artistic culture and natural beauty.

This hand-woven scarf is woven on a floor loom in my studio at Upton Towans where we are cosily tucked into the dunes by the sea.

The scarf colours are earthy in appearance resembling the colours of everything Cornwall. 

Woven in organic nettle and 16/2 linen. The fibres soften with wear, just like wearing in a new pair of boots. A lovely addition to your wardrobe with a rustic Cornish appeal, knowing your scarf is a gentle hug from nature and that you care about your environment as we do here in Cornwall.
The pattern has a stretchy crinkled effect woven into the cloth which adds texture and a natural rustic interest by design.
Let the force of nature shape you into a force for nature.
The cloth is 100% naturally antibacterial and compostable.

Kernewek measures approx. 168cm x 26cm plus twisted ends.
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