Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not

Something is brewing and it is not just ‘The teabag Wedding Dress’.

The phrase ‘Waste not, want not’ means that if you do not use too much of something now you will have some left over when you need it.

It was in 1721 when the saying was first recorded in an easier to understand version ‘Wilful waste makes woeful want.’ With our planet’s resources already depleted, it is even more urgent that we address all we can do daily to stop blatantly adding even more to the mountain of garbage causing the planet harm.

My creative rationale is based on ‘Circular Design’, which means I work to a set of principles based on the circular economy. For me that means eliminating waste as a part of my art practice. Firstly, and most mindfully the way to achieve this is NOT to Create items that become waste materials. In fact, this is my mindset for all I do. In practice I consider how I might keep all resources and materials out of landfill or from being disposed of in other unhealthy ways. I ask myself if I am using compostable resources or whether this product can stay in the ‘circular economy’ without becoming another piece of detritus or issue for our soil as we know how imperative the need to be regenerating our land, not polluting it.

I consider social justice as I maintain balance, care and kindness throughout my business. I practice wellness in all these areas as part of my own mental health wellbeing, knowing I am doing everything within my power to become a force of nature.

To this end and partly as a challenge to myself, I create mindful art installations that will hopefully inspire a new innovative wave of awareness to focus on being a ‘voice with a choice’, creating by ‘choice to rejoice’.

In the design of the first Wedding Dress I made, I used over 2000 ‘Clipper Teas’ teabags and it has now been exhibited and discussed globally, including a recent Circular Innovation Conference in Ljubljana and as part of a showcase at the House of Lords, in May 2023, to name but a few.

We need to love and connect with each other to become a mightier force. No one is an island. We can achieve more by cooperating and collaborating together in forward thinking positive ways that can make the difference we so urgently need for the planet. During my recent art residency at Gwithian Chapel I was encouraging a community spirit of coming together to make a ‘Pledge for the Planet’ to create an effect, the healing motion of each of us doing something to stir those ripples into a tidal wave that will reach out to a wider audience across world. To quote Mother Theresa, ‘I alone cannot change the world; but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.’ We have to trust in the power of the higher forces of nature that collectively, even the tiniest of actions will have more of an impact than we may ever imagine.

Please contact me to provide your ‘pledge’ and I will use it in my latest installation, ‘The Engagement Dress’. Tregothnan Teas have kindly donated their discarded waste materials for me to use as a creative resource in my current dress design project.  This will serve not only as a metaphor for the ‘engagement’ in the community workshops I am creating, but also as a visual and powerful voice!

By making a ‘Pledge to the Planet’ however large or small, our action will enable us to grow in gratitude for what we have and enjoy now. Our pledge will be an outward display of our accountability to show that we will be actively preserving our beautiful planet with all her benefits, so we can use nature, not lose nature!


Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start so to help you become a mindful circular consumer, here are some suggestions:

Mindful Consumers:

Buy less, buy better, buy local. Use less power, turn off unused lights, stop using stand-by mode; lower the thermostat, washing machine temperatures and dry laundry outside.

Give gifts that are valued, a personal homemade gift or maybe an experience to avoid giving just a gift of ‘more stuff’. Consider natural materials, like wooden items rather than plastic. Foraging, flora hunting, bird spotting walks are popular as a gift idea or a day exploring natural dyes, or any other art fun day/week. Try a ‘tussie-mussie’ making workshop or weave class with me. Maybe a subscription to local gardens i.e., National Trust. Museum outings or explore galleries together and have a coffee.

Consider packaging that can be re-used or re-cycled, a traditional roll of strong brown paper was always in use before plastic bags.

Waste less, cook smaller portions, don’t throw away food. Refrigerate or freeze it for another meal or give it to an appreciative neighbour.

Repair, use pre-loved clothes, have an evening swapping clothes with friends, commonly known as swishing! Donate items to charity shops, and buy from there too. Upcycle items of clothing adapt them to make them your own bespoke and valued piece.

Practice tuning into your green space environment; walk and talk to ‘her’ enabling both to connect with a higher vibration to thrive.

To connect with likeminded people and being together in unity will make a difference in an uplifting way creating a positive impact.

Starting with small steps and adding extra steps will help us feel empowered by actively being in gratitude to the planet.

Love and cherish her, and she will respond!

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