Nettle Revolution new on Falmouth University website

Nettle Revolution new on Falmouth University website

I am so proud to have been a mature student at Falmouth University and can now fly the flag for the over-50s who want to keep learning. As a founding member of Mike Turner and George Hardwick's 'Greater Life Community,' a product of The Launchpad, I am here as an ambassador to promote the myriad benefits of lifelong learning. This initiative celebrates the continuous pursuit of knowledge, creativity, and personal growth, proving that it's never too late to embark on new educational journeys and make meaningful contributions to our communities. Through my involvement, I aim to inspire others to embrace their passions, explore new skills, and join a vibrant community dedicated to enriching lives at any age. 

Are you a mature student thinking about going to University? Or do you need support to do so?

Please feel free to drop me a message. I would love to share my experiences and success in forging a new path in my 60s. Let's connect and explore the exciting journey of lifelong learning and personal growth together.

Textile Design BA graduate and Nettle Revolution founder wins the Theo Paphitis, Small Business Sunday Awards | Falmouth University

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