Pledge for the Planet

Pledge for the Planet

Greetings and Welcome

I would like to invite you to an exciting exhibition called ‘Pledge for the Planet’ and special nature based workshops arranged for the week.

It will be an exciting and joyful event, taking place in the old thatched chapel at 1 Prosper Hill Gwithian TR27 5BX.

The Chapel will be open for my week long creative residency. The times are 10.00 – 16.00 hours for seven days with a few evenings 19.00 – 21.00 to be announced.

I hope you can make it. An organised activity (weather permitting) will start with a gentle walk to Gwithian Green, it isn’t far, just next door to Gwithian Church where our mindful practice of being in nature will begin.

Here you will be able to observe a world of wildlife in a pint-sized plot!

In those mindful moments you will hear bird songs, and bubbling sounds of water, see the butterflies and moths, dragonflies and bees, smell the earth and inhale any wild flower scents in bloom and available on the day. You may find a sweet spot and just sit or stand and observe. It will be relaxed for you to enjoy.

Each morning activity will start at 11.00 - 12:30

You can take part in the organised event or just come along for the chat or a little slow mindful stitch (bring your own) I will also provide a few extra resources.

Then time for LUNCH Please bring your own lunch, local Tregothnan tea will be provided

Afternoon workshop will begin at 13.30 – 15.00.

As you walk around Gwithian Green nature reserve perhaps you might like to gather a small handful of dry seed heads, grasses, a tiny piece of dried flora, but all the time being mindful that this is a haven for wildlife and for us to enjoy at all times showing the upmost respect to the area.

After returning from the conservation green walk, the small items gathered will be put together with some of my homegrown lavender, rosemary, bay leaves and whatever else is looking great in my garden at the time.

Bring along any poppy heads you may sustainably source or other dried seed stems as we will be making a small ‘tussie-mussies’, sometimes known as a nosegay or posy (see image for inspiration). These will contain symbolic ‘messages’ as we make them together with our pledge to the planet in mind.

Each workshop will include (I am hoping you will want to participate and express) a thoughtful pledge to the planet. This is an important focus for me as I will be discussing the importance of your pledge further during the workshop.

Your personal pledge is for the planet, but with your permission I also have an important plan of how we might use all the hand written pledges in my next teabag installation, will tell you more on the day!

On display will be lots of my work, some that has never been seen before, developmental ideas, Falmouth University course work and of course the teabag wedding dress installation that has globally captured the imagination of so many. It has even been the subject of conversation in the House of Lords and many other exciting places.

Please see the attached Testimonial Letter from Professor Allen Alexander for confirmation and the Pitch Deck about the innovative teabag ‘Wedding Dress’.

At this time of climate crisis I hope this week will bring together a community of like-minded folk and others who may feel somewhat overwhelmed by climate anxiety. We can take this mindful opportunity to get together to talk about the circular economy and decide how we each can do something POSITIVE by making a Pledge, however small, to initiate together a global ‘butterfly effect’ of healing for our PLANET.

It is when we all come together with a kind and caring community spirit that we can raise the frequency of our great intentions for maximum benefit. We are all accountable, so by witnessing the positivity of others in this way, we will not only be inspired by these hearts but may inspire others to do the same.

I will be bringing my Saori loom already dressed with a warp, so that hourly slots may be booked throughout each day during the week for you to weave a section for approximately an hour.

I will have my scarves, cards and other items for sale too, but no means of using my ‘Sum Up’ card reader for payment, so cash only or bank transfers.

Mini talks will include the benefits of using nettle as a yarn, health benefits for the environment and ultimately for us.

I will be starting my new teabag project during the residency week and can’t wait to share my ideas with you. Your special PLEDGES for the PLANET, will be included in my next artwork.

There is a great plan to go to Nepal next year (October 2024) to see the nettle yarn process and meet the lovely family that supply my lovely nettle yarn, along with much more of course. If you would like to add you email to the list as your ‘expression of interest’.


Please NOTE:

There isn’t any WiFI currently in the Chapel as it is a listed building.

Phone signal is Nil Or None.

There is a toilet.

No Parking outside the Chapel but some spaces along the road and at Gwithian Green.

The Red River pub is next door.

Easily accessible access.

I will not be charging for the workshops beforehand but if you are able to consider a CASH ONLY donation that will be suggested at the time to cover some sundries.

You can take a peak at the chapel here and see how grand it is looking after its recent restoration.

Email me if you want to ask a question and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please plan to come along and if you are visiting on Friday 4th August there is an added bonus.

You are also invited to Gwithian Church to meet Tracey who will be serving ‘cream teas’.

Cream Teas are £2.50 and will be served in the garden with as much tea as you like in the afternoon from  14:30.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Best wishes,

Jane x

Send me a text message if you prefer: 07977 552 775



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